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Lead Follow Up Guide



This guide is to provide you with best practices on following up with leads you receive from United Foundry. Following this helpful guide will ensure you are maximizing your chances with each lead you receive.



  1. Speedy outreach will dramatically improve your results.  When you receive a new lead, it's important that you initiate outreach as soon as possible. The longer it takes for you to reach out to the lead the colder the lead becomes and the likelihood they will lose interest or forget they filled out the form. 

  2. When reaching out to the lead, use the words “our form” and not your company name. The ads used to attract these potential customers used your service not your company name and mentioning your company name during the outreach could confuse the prospect. 

  3. Keep in mind these are relatively cold leads. Our targeted Ads brought up your service to them in the middle of them scrolling through content online. In some instances, they might have seen the ad while they were on the go or in the middle of the night. 

  4. Follow up with the lead multiple times in multiple ways (call, voicemail, text, and email). People have lives outside of your offer and even leads who sincerely want your offer will still need to be contacted multiple times until it’s convenient for them to respond. 

  5. Use text and detailed voicemails when reaching out to your prospect. There are good chances that your first outreach will go to voicemail since your number won’t be recognized by the lead. A detailed voicemail can make a HUGE difference. You’re reminding them that they filled out the form and you are reaching out to help fulfill their request.

  6. You can send an email as part of your follow-up outreach, but email should not be your primary mode of outreach. It should be used in conjunction with phone, voicemail, and text since you will be competing with all the other emails in their inbox and your email may go to spam or promotions.


Here is a potential voicemail script you can use to initiate a conversation:

 “ Hey {First name}, I saw you that requested information {insert your service} quote. We’d love to speak further with you to get a better picture of how we can help and to make sure we get you an accurate quote. We look forward to speaking soon. Feel free to call us back at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Have a great day!” 


Here is a potential text script you can use: 

“ {First name} Thanks for filling out the form to request information on {insert your service}. We’d love to chat w/ you further to make sure we get you an accurate {insert your service} quote. When’s the best time to reach you?”


Sample Lead Follow Up Sequence


Step 1: Double Call - most people do not answer a number they do not recognize but if you call back to back, many will answer thinking it is important or urgent.  This simple strategy will increase your answer rate exponentially. Only leave a voicemail on the second call. (In the voicemail, be sure to say that you will be sending them a text shortly)


Step 2: Send a text -  ‘Thank you for taking time to fill out your form online. We recognize that people are busy. Would you like to schedule a visit in this text conversation or on a call?


Step 3: Double Call 2.0 - If you have not heard back from them via call or text, double call them again later in the day or early in the morning. 


Step 4: Send an email follow up. 


Step 5: Send Text - this time you could tell them you are running a special promotion or discount if they book by the end of the month.  If, by this point you have not heard back, the goal is to get them to simply respond.  Special deals and promotions are a good way to elicit a response. 

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