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Nonprofit Talent Pipeline Consulting

We're excited to offer you a free strategy session to help your nonprofit organization develop and implement a talent pipeline that supports your mission and drives sustainable growth.

At United Foundry Consulting, we understand that attracting and retaining top talent can be a challenge for nonprofit organizations. That's why we've developed a proven approach to talent pipeline consulting that is tailored to the unique needs of the nonprofit sector.

During your free strategy session, you'll work one-on-one with our expert consultants to:

  1. Assess your current talent pipeline and identify areas for improvement
  2. Develop a customized plan to attract and retain top talent that aligns with your mission and organizational culture
  3. Explore best practices and strategies for building a sustainable talent pipeline that supports your long-term growth
Our team has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations of all sizes. We've helped our clients build robust talent pipelines that have led to increased fundraising, improved program outcomes, and greater community impact.

Ready to take the first step towards a stronger talent pipeline for your nonprofit organization? Sign up for your free strategy session today and let us help you achieve your mission!
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We will have a call or meeting to uncover the root causes of the challenges and opportunities you face.



You will receive a written plan based on our diagnosis, including clear expectations for us, you, and your team.



If you like the plan and believe we're the right one's to help you, then you can decide to hire us to help put it into action.

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International Needs

“They helped us 10x our growth in a single year. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

Jeff Johnson
Executive Director


Our Expertise for Your Opportunities.

Product-Market Fit Evaluation 

Product & Service Differentiation 

Market Gap Analysis 

Offer Creation 

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Customer Acquisition

Lead Generation 

Formal Referral Systems

Technology & Software
Copywriting & Message Clarity

Digital Presence

Sales Systems & Coaching 

Mission, Vision, Strategy Clarification 

Culture & Team Development 

Talent Pipeline 

Overseas Team Building & Outsourcing

Processes and Systems   

Fund Raising Guidance 

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Franchising & Expansion 

When you have a clearly understood mission, wrapped in a strong culture, delivered with impactful marketing, and connected to streamlined systems... 

it's like fish jumping into your boat

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Nine figures of experience is one call away

When you work with United Foundry Consulting, you have direct support from our executive team. We don't just drop off a strategy and walk away, we also help you assemble and lead your people to become a high-performing organization that grows without limits. And this isn't just academic theory you are getting: It's 9-figures of real-world business development experience, executed over a dozen different industries.

Some people we've helped...


Hi! We're Rob and Andrew, the founders of United Foundry Business Consulting

Rob Flint, Jr.


Rob's career began in ministry and non-profit. He has built unified teams of all sizes and helped multiply inbound donations for organizations around the globe. Having learned the value of leadership and communication early in his career, Rob has been a part of helping national brands like Cru and KG Global craft their messaging, build their teams and create raving fans. Rob has been married to his wife, Taryn, since 2007, and they live in Fort Myers, FL with their two children

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Andrew Falde


Andrew has 9 figures of business development experience in a wide variety of industries, ranging from startups and family businesses to companies on the Inc 500 and Fortune 500 lists. His very diverse experience gives him the ability to create systems and strategies for any type of organization he works with. He’s been married since 2005, and lives in Fort Myers, FL with his wife and three kids

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You're Just One Call Away...

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